When you buy left, you can do right.

We only have one planet, and it’s getting wrecked; that’s a fact we can’t hide from anymore. Having said that, as the left-handed minority, we have made less impact on the environment than the other 90% of humanity. Still, Lh&p feel we must do our bit to be as responsible as we can.

That's why we created the 'White Collection.' The T-shirts in the collection are produced to the highest possible environmental and sustainable standards we could achieve. The garments, print and packaging have been sourced with an ‘environment first’ policy in mind.
We looked very hard for someone to buddy up with to produce our 'White Collection', who really cares about sustainability.

That’s why we’re delighted and, dare we say, proud that Neutral® is producing our garments. Neutral® is manufactured and certified to the world’s highest social, ethical and environmental standards. Defined and monitored by external organisations, the certificates guarantee that Neutral® is made with true regard for the planet and all its people, not just the left-handers!

All inks used in print are non-toxic and environmentally friendly, and our packaging uses biodegradable polythene, recycled paper, and card.