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Why Left-handed and proud?

Let’s face it…planet earth is a right-handed world.

Most everything that has been designed by humans has been designed for use by the right-handed majority. Figures vary, but on average, that’s 90% of the global population. So it makes sense really.

However, as one of the 10% left-handed minority, we just have to ‘grin and bear it,’ and cope as best we can with the everyday hurdles that right-handed design and manufacture creates. Most left-handers are so used to modifying their actions and behaviours that often they do not realise they’re doing it.

We also live in an era where equality is a much-vaunted, highly valued state of being. Colour, creed and sexual orientation are given much consideration and voice, yet the left-handed minority is largely ignored.

Left-handed and proud.com, is, in its small way is trying to cut through the bias.

The scientific term for left-handedness, ‘Sinistral’ derived from the word ‘sinister,’
which is Latin for left. 
When you consider what a positive effect left-handers have had through history, particularly in the creative arts, this appellation, seems to be particularly unjustified and unwarranted.

Lh&p is here to help the left-handers of the world unite, to provide a ‘sign and statement’ of belonging with pride to this small yet over-achieving minority.

Be proud - be Left-handed and proud.